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Astrology and current Affairs

Jupiter in Virgo: Zeus confinedFeatured

The planet Jupiter entered the sign of Virgo in August 2015, and will remain there, in its detriment, until 10 September 2016, spending roughly 1 year in each sign of the zodiac. Jupiter is inherently good, therefore being posited in external circumstances that make him bad (for want of substitute adjectives), will not suddenly turn the great benefic into Adolf Hitler.

To determine how this planetary movement may affect individuals on a personal level, this must be assessed in relation to specific natal charts. To understand the symbolism of this we will have a brief look at the mythology behind the astrology, as well as at the rulerships of the planet and the description Virgo brings to the equation.Continue reading

Abandoned cat chart

Abandoned and missing cat – will we capture it: yes or no?Featured

The owner of the cat had moved out of the complex, leaving the animal behind to fend for itself. After numerous phone calls to the owner, and being told that she would come and fetch it, we realised that the situation required intervention if the cat was to survive.

A home was found for the cat in the same complex, and all we had to do was capture the panicked animal, which was eluding all attempts at capture and slowly reverting to feral behaviour. Plans were laid and I wanted to know whether or not we would be successful, and by when, as the situation was distressing.Continue reading