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The Use of Electional Astrology in the Medical Field Print E-mail
Written by Jacqueline Brook   
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 11:53

This is the branch of astrology that enables us to choose the best moment to act or to give birth to a venture. The underlying factor in electional astrology is that we can only apply this to all things that are possible – it then goes without saying that we cannot assess the best moment to act for that which is impossible. True electional methods are assessed using the natal (birth) charts of the individuals concerned – if it is not scripted in the natal chart that you will win the lotto there is no point in electing the best time to purchase a ticket. If you are about to launch your new web site or start a new business however, it is wise to consult an astrologer in order to elect the best time for the birth of that entity – this affords it the best possible chance of success. The premise upon which electional astrology is based is that everything that has a beginning (or birth) can have a natal chart – this applies to people, animals, business ventures, a marriage and to most major events that occur within the lifetime.

Two electional methods

There are two methods used in electional astrology – the criteria for which method is used is based on whether or not it is a normal, par for the course event or whether it is the birth of an important entity. The two are fundamentally the same, but the difference is in the complexity of the entity or event being born. The birth of an entity such as a business or marriage is a measured and controlled occurrence and does not happen regularly in the life time of an individual. The owner of that entity lists the important criteria – in a marriage it may be communication, a healthy sex life, fertility, assets - and the astrologer then uses the individuals' natal charts as a base from which to work to determine the birth time for the entity. There is no point in ensuring that Venus is dignified and elevated in the birth chart of a marriage for example, if it rules the house of death or self undoing in the chart of one the marriage partners.

This is a complicated and time consuming assessment and the relevant skill is required by the astrologer – not all astrologers are qualified or experienced in this field. The second and simpler method of election is to assess the relevant factors for events that in essence do not require a birth chart, and the birth chart of the individual is not taken into account. The main criteria are factored in and the time is then provided by the astrologer for the event – this method is used extensively in the medical field.

Electional astrology in the medical field

The most common electional charts pertaining to the medical field are those set for the right time to undergo surgery. Medical astrology is a fascinating study and I have spoken to various doctors and hospital staff who all proclaim that hemorrhaging is noticeably heavier during the time of a full Moon than at other times. When determining the correct time to undergo surgery the astrologer would assess the planet ruling that specific body part to determine when it would be essentially (the true essence of its nature) and accidentally (house placement) at its best. The Moon would be assessed and one would want to avoid having her Void of Course or posited in the Via Combusta. Void of Course, according to the ancient authorities, means that matters go “hardly” on – so they proceed with difficulty - and when the Moon is posited in the Via Combusta, that is in the belt of the sky between 15 degrees Libra and 15 degrees Scorpio, she is greatly distressed as this is linked to the menstruation of women and to blood itself.

The planet that rules surgery is Mars and he would be assessed both accidentally and essentially to secure the right time for the procedure. One would also assess the capabilities of the surgeon and ensure that he had the best interests of the patient at heart and that there were no underlying factors to cause concern. It should be apparent by now that this is no easy task – to find the correct time for the procedure to be performed and to line up all the factors that need to be taken into account into a neat little row is not easy. We then have to consider the doctors operating days and availability so all that we can really do in the end is to make the best of the situation on offer – once again finding the best time to act based on that which is possible.

Electing the time for a Caesarean Section

It is here that the astrologer needs to set very firm and clear boundaries and I can only speak for myself, others may run their practices according to different principles. I will not set a full blown electional chart for the unborn child as I do not believe this to be our God-given right. Every electional chart that is set has both positive and negative placements – it is impossible to obtain the perfect chart – and it is not for the astrologer to decide what qualities the unborn child should have. That said however, seeing as we are playing God to a certain degree by performing Caesarean Sections, for both essential and non essential reasons, we may as well elect the best possible time for surgery for the mother. Now some may say that this is splitting hairs as we are then electing the time of birth for the baby. Indeed that is the case, but this procedure will be performed anyway so the astrologer may as well be involved, but on a superficial level with regards to the unborn child.

I look at all the same criteria for a surgical procedure as listed previously, and I then address the condition of the luminaries. The Sun is the ego or soul of the unborn child and the Moon the emotional nature. If we can at least ensure that the two luminaries are essentially dignified and accidentally well positioned, then we have provided the unborn child with some positive factors, but this is as far as I proceed. It is also most interesting to note that babies have a way of announcing their arrival into the world sooner than is expected anyway, and if not, then at least both mother and child have been taken care of from an astrological perspective in a responsible manner.


The uses and applications of astrology are many and none of them are foreign to man, they have just been forgotten. In the days of the ancients it was common knowledge amongst everyone that living beings were more prone to certain disorders and conditions during specific lunar phases and other planetary alignments. We are now reclaiming our birth right and understanding that we have indeed been given a tool that can assist us in a practical and intelligent manner – we need not launch our new project or business when the time is not right and the success is jeopardized, nor say our marital vows during a time when in this modern age of divorce we are more than likely to become another statistic. Therefore why undergo a surgical procedure during a time when there is a likelihood of increased discomfort, a longer convalescence period and possibly the opportunity for something to go wrong?